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Genetics and Epigenetics

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28m 7s
Introduction to breeding
26 Apr 2021
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Genetics & Epigenetics

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Dr Pascale Chavette-Palmer, DVM, PhD, HDR

Pascale Chavatte-Palmer graduated as DVM in 1989 from Maisons-Alfort, France. She worked as an intern with Dr. Rossdale in Newmarket and then completed a residency in animal reproduction at the Univ. of Florida. In her PhD work (Univ. of Cambridge, UK), she studied the role of steroids in late gestation in the mare. She pursued her work in equine pregnancy and neonatology as a post-doctoral fellow in France. In 1999, she became assistant professor in animal reproduction at AgroParisTech (life-science engineer school) in Paris and concomitantly studied the development of cloned cattle at INRA, where she was recruited in 2006. She currently leads a research group entitled “Placenta, Environment and Programming of Phenotypes” in the Biology of Development and Reproduction unit. The objective of the team is to evaluate and possibly modify the effects of the maternal environment (nutrition, biotechnologies, pollution exposure…) on foeto-placental and post-natal development, using various biomedical or agronomical models. Her team performs physiological evaluations, in vivo imaging, histological, endocrinological, genomic and epigenetic analyses. Pascale Chavatte-Palmer has authored >200 scientific articles. She is vice-president of the International Society for Embryo Technologies, spokesperson for the European Placental Group and belongs to the French Veterinary Academy.