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Paddock Principles: Rest and Repair

Paddock Principles Rest and Repair

Speed boats and oil tankers, Mary Berry, the Glastonbury Festival... four reasons why you need to listen to this walk and talk with equine agronomist Paul Overton as he discusses what's possible in supporting your grazing pasture after a wet and mild winter.

Walking through a typical grazing paddock on a stud farm, Paul's explains his principles of "rest and repair" and what paddock maintenance and speed boats/oil tankers have in common.

An equine agronomist and consultant with 30 years of experience, Paul also chats through grass cover, seed versus fertiliser, types of grass seed, weeds/herbs, worm resistance, mixed grazing, the dangers of sycamore, soil structure and much more.

And Paul's wonderful use of analogies embed some of his key principles as you turn your attention to maintaining your own paddocks and pasture. "Seed and fertiliser don't work in the bag!"

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To contact Paul, or for more information, drop us an email [email protected]