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Pasture Management

Paddock Management - Foundation

About this course

The routine maintenance of grassland will also be detailed, alongside the common machinery utilised in paddock management with the processes of topping, harrowing, rolling, spiking and dropping picking. This course will cover a broad range of areas relating to paddock management. These will include the identification of paddock roles and requirements, how paddocks can be adapted for specific needs and the routine management of grassland. 

There will be an in depth focus on specific solutions to common stud farm problems relating to turnout, and the identification of key markers for equine wellbeing and health, with explanation as to how wellbeing can be maintained during turnout. 

Latter modules cover the methodology and importance of routine paddock maintenance, including explanations as to how different surface conditions may be resolved. Alongside this the course will look at the identification of toxic plants, the potential harmful effects they may cause if ingested, and best how to avoid them.


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Pasture Management