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Equine Grass Sickness - Free Resources

Grass Sickness is a disease of horses, ponies and donkeys in which there is damage to parts of the nervous system which control involuntary functions, producing the main symptom of gut paralysis.

The Univeristy of Edinburgh and the Equine Grass Sickness Fund have launched FREE resources, and an online CPD course to support the education and awareness of EGS.

While the cause remains unknown, the nature of the damage to the nervous system suggests that a type of toxin is involved, and the disease occurs almost exclusively in horses with access to grass. Great Britain has the highest incidence of grass sickness in the world and the disease occurs in most areas of England, Wales and Scotland. It is a significant problem in many areas of Great Britain, with eastern counties being particularly at risk.

The free resources include:

  • Introduction to EGS video
  • Overview of EGS interctive package
  • Downloadable EGS infographic and poster

... and are available by visiting the The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies' section of the University of Edinburgh website CLICK HERE.

CPD Course

The nursing of chronic cases also has its challenges - this online course gives information on nursing horses in the equine hospital environment and tips for nursing and ongoing rehabilitation of a horse at home. 

An understanding of the aetiology, epidemiology and difficulties with veterinary diagnosis gives newly qualified veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and horse owners alike, an understanding of disease development.

The course can be undertaken at your own pace and includes lectures with audio recording, videos, a reading list containing peer reviewed open access journal articles and voluntary self-test quizzes.

Information on how you can get involved with future research is also included. You must be 18+ years to be able to access the course which can be undertaken at your own pace and includes lectures with audio record. Cost is £120. To access the course, CLICK HERE.